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Introducing Finer Life Golf Foundation, Incorporated

The Finer Life Golf Foundation, Incorporated is a nonprofit charitable organization in New York servicing Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, The Bronx and Manhattan.

The mission of Finer Life Golf Foundation, Incorporated is to increase the participation of kids in the inner-city in Golf by providing exposure and accessibility.

The organization also introduces children to professionals of different socioeconomic backgrounds. By providing exposure and accessibility to the sport, the Finer Life Golf Foundation, Incorporated will establish a new genre of golf enthusiasts.

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More about our approach

Considering that many children have never been exposed to golf, we have designed our program to appeal to all skill levels. Children will progress based on teaching plans developed for their programming goals.

Our program is more than golf. We use golf as a medium for career exploration, financial literacy and STEM. Most importantly we focus on connecting these topics to everyday life and the people that also leverage golf in their professional lives. We teach 21st century skills, we teach the importance of setting goals, visualization and how to envision a future greater than their present circumstance. We bring golf to children and meet them where they are at.


To spark an interest in golf that will take them outside of their comfort zone and their neighborhood. This includes children in the middle, caught between academic goals and peer-pressure.

Golf programming includes equipment, workshops, lessons, outings and graduation event upon completion of each program. Topics covered include chipping, putting, full swing, target selection, rules, etiquette and much more.